• 26. - 28. February 2021
  • Messezentrum Salzburg

What is Trachten Friday all about?

A group of Oktoberfest fans have declared Friday “The Day of the Tracht” in a clever initiative inviting participants to wear their traditional costume with pride for a chance to win prizes and which is becoming increasingly popular following the cancellation of many local festivals.  

Due to the cancellation of numerous local festivals and Bavaria’s fifth season of the Oktoberfest, initiators like those of “Trachten Friday” are getting creative and giving all those who can’t wait to get dressed up their favourite traditional outfit again a new reason to do so – by honouring it with its own day. After all, the Tracht, a collective term for traditional alpine clothing, was originally everyday fashion – a practical, comfy style that anyone could wear and look well-dressed wherever they’re going.

The idea to start Trachten Friday originally came from a group of Oktoberfest fans two years ago in the neighbouring city of Munich. Due to the restrictions put in place to combat the spread of Covid-19 and the resulting cancellations of all kinds of local festivals, its time has now come to make an impression.

The Trachten Friday initiative is transforming the Tracht into everyday fashion

“We’re going to be able to create this feeling of closeness and connectedness whenever we see each other wearing Tracht on a completely normal day – almost like at a festival!”, say the initiators with excitement. The goal of the initiative is to have as many people as possible dress up in traditional costume from 8th May until the last day of Oktoberfest on 2nd October. This could be at work, at home, out shopping or when doing any other leisure activities. The motto is simply to “Embrace the Tracht”.


Join in and reap the rewards

It’s easy: just open your wardrobe, get out your dirndl, lederhosen, traditional skirt or jacket, shirt, blouse or bodice, put them on and leave the house. As an additional reward for all those taking part, partners from the retail and production trade will be holding a prize draw every Friday with the chance to win vouchers for anyone who posts a photo of themselves along with the German hashtag #trachtenfreitag on Facebook or Instagram.

“We look forward to seeing your most beautiful, hilarious, original, unusual or quirkiest pictures of you in Tracht in everyday life!”, the volunteers behind Trachten Friday have declared in their invitation for as many people as possible to take part.


More information is available at www.trachtenfreitag.de

Original text taken from trachtenfreitag.de