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A Tracht wedding: what to consider

Getting married in tracht, or traditional garments, is in vogue. But to make sure the most beautiful day of your life doesn’t turn into a costume party, allow us to let you in on the latest trends for a successful tracht wedding.


Text by Verena Raffl, Team Lead, Content & Brand Manager


Trends for a successful tracht wedding

Classic in white, in tracht or a themed wedding? When planning the most beautiful day of your life, the possibilities know no bounds. It’s not only destination weddings that are becoming highly popular but also themed weddings in styles such as boho, vintage or greenery. And weddings in tracht are experiencing a renaissance like no other. There’s no trace of “old-fashioned” here – quite the opposite: men in lederhosen, the traditional sawing of a log and rustic tavern music in a cosy farm are all bang on trend. For those who can’t decide between a modern or traditional ceremony, we have a few clever tricks to unite both under one roof.


The bride in white, the groom in tracht

Many say that the dirndl is the most feminine item of clothing in the world because it’s designed to perfectly highlight the feminine figure. “When deciding on a wedding dirndl, the ‘fashionable tracht’ is becoming an ever more popular choice,” explains Berta Rainer, CEO of Trachten Stassny, a traditional company in the historical Old Town area of Salzburg that has been parading its sense of style since the 1950s. What this means is that the bride wears classic white whilst the groom walks down the aisle in elegant tracht. Stassny has mastered the fine art of delicately combining the traditional with the modern, proving that the two are not mutually exclusive but can in fact create a very appealing contrast. 


Brocade, silk or mikado, and an apron faux pas

When selecting a wedding dirndl, the colour palette represents a diverse contrast to the classic bridal gown: traditional white or cream work just as well as pastel hues or bold colours. Not only the colour but also the fabric plays an important role. The cotton dirndls bought at a market are probably best left at home. “When choosing the dress, go with high-quality, heavier materials such as brocade, silk or mikado,” advises Christine Rührlinger of the bridal salon “Hänsel und Gretel”. The tracht experts at Stassny also recommend doing away with lacing and embroidery. “A better choice here is hand printing on the apron or skirt, and don’t be afraid to go for bold colours,” Rainer adds. And speaking of the apron: in order to avoid the infamous apron faux pas, it is important that the bride ties the bow on the right-hand side once married. This side signals that the wearer is taken, engaged or married. 


Tracht wedding: wedding dress or bridal dirndl?

By the way: a tracht wedding doesn’t always have to involve a dirndl. “Lederhosen or a tracht-style suit can also be combined with a simple, elegant dress or a vintage model,” Rührlinger reveals. Smooth fabrics and simple lines, elegant vintage or bohemian style, with long or short sleeves and deep V-shaped décolletés. With vintage dresses, there’s no need to hold back: the expert explains that ‘more dress’ is in. “Wearable, extravagant models that don’t completely break with tradition,” says Rührlinger. The current trends hit all the right notes.


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Dirndls in bold tones or sophisticated vintage models


Something blue, even with a dirndl?

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. This is what tradition demands. But does it really? Of course, this is a matter of taste. Tracht weddings do also observe this tradition of wearing something blue. A blue cross-stitch embroidered on the back of the dirndl’s apron is one option for honouring this tradition and not leaving loyalty and longevity in the marriage to chance.




Stylish tracht suit or the all-time classic, the leather tracht, for the most beautiful day of your life


The groom: lederhosen or tracht suit?

The gentlemen can decide whether they prefer a tracht-style suit or lederhosen. A tie and waistcoat are the ideal combination with a suit. The lederhosen, in turn, go excellently with a vest and jacket. Whether it be long (as is typical), knee-length or short, the fit plays the main role when it comes to the lederhosen. It is important to make sure that the lederhosen display no signs of wear whatsoever, and that a shirt of high-quality material is selected. A tip from the pros: coordinating the style of both the bride’s and the groom’s attire will create a harmonious image. This means the right tie or handkerchief for the groom. For the bride, the shoes or a garland in the hair as a finishing touch. And most importantly of all: when selecting your wardrobe, listen to your instincts and your heart. 


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